Audit and Assurance

Our firm provides services of auditing of client’s financial statements as required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards and Auditing Standards and terms of reference from clients.

How does Audit benefit you?
● Comply with statutory requirements
● Improve credibility of financial statements
● Acceptance by banks, prospective investors and other stakeholders
● Enable readers of the financial statements to have a better understanding of financial position and performance of the company
● Facilitate planning and decision making of the company’s management
● Improve internal control and deter fraud

Our Audit and Assurance services:
● Statutory Audit
  - Limited companies
 - Limited by guarantee companies
 - NGO (Non-governmental organizations)
 - Charitable organizations

● Non-Statutory Audit
 - Offshore companies including BVI, Cayman, etc.

● Special Audit, Accountants Report and Review Report
 - Turnover reports
 - Branch accounts
 - Project accounts
 - Due diligence reports
 - Other agreed-upon procedures
 - Compliance reports